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Our mission:

Scandinavian Hiking takes you deep into the Scandinavian mountains and wilderness in a professional, safe and endurable way.

We constantly strive to give our hikers new, exciting experiences. Delivering lasting impressions of the environments we visit and personal achievements of participants. And professionalism in guidance and leadership, with focus on personal and group safety.



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Being Dutch in Sweden I’m still surprised every time I’m confronted with the beauty, tranquility and vastness of the landscape you can find in Scandinavia. But confronting too can be the challenging weather circumstances one can meet. The quality of our guiding is found in safety, undergoing an unique experience.

I’m trained in Sweden as a fjäll- en vildmarksledare, meaning mountain and wilderness leader, which makes me capable to safely and professionally lead a group through the mountains and wilderness, any season.


hiking in the mountains (fjällen)


5 days of hiking at the border of Norway and Sweden

5 days hiking with Tipitent in the montains around lake Grövelsjön. Prices from 3950:- SEK per person 4 – 8 persons > more information iconiconicon

3 days hiking in Fulufjället National Park, Sweden

3 days hiking to mountainhuts in Fulufjället National Park. Prices from 2395:- SEK per person 4 – 8 persons > more information iconicon


“fjäll” hike








winter camping

winter hike

cross country skiing

snow holing




Winter hikes

hiking on skis or snowshoes in the mountains (fjällen) and wilderness (vildmark)


3 days winter adventure Fulufjället


3 days of winter adventure in the cold, snowy wilderness of Fulufjället National Park Dig your own snow hole and enjoy the night under the snow! Prices from SEK 2895:- per person 4 – 8 personen > more information level:iconiconicon

6 day winterexpedition on the border of Norway and Sweden

6 days winterexpedition with pulk on skies or snowshoes in the mountains around lake Grövelsjön. Prices from 7650:- SEK per person 3 – 6 persons > more information level:iconiconiconiconicon

3 days wintercamping in the hart of Sweden.


3 days wintercamping in the cold and snowy wilderness of Sweden. Prices from 2395:- SEK per person 4 – 8 persons > more information level:iconiconicon


Rental wilderness cabin in Fulufjället National Park, Sweden

Scandinavian Hiking offers a wilderness cabin in Fulufjället national park, named Björnholmssätern. The cabin is only accessible on foot, or during the winter ons skies/snowshoes and is situated along the trail  ‘Södra Kungsleden’.There is no running water, nor electricity. And the toilet is outside.

What it does offer i a unique location, in the middle of the wilderness inside the boundaries of the national park. Here you can enjoy the intense peace, the beauty of the taigaforest, de river that runs along and – who knows – a good book besides the fireplace.

from the cabin you can walk into the quietest and the most desolate paret of the national park. On foot it is a 2 day walk to the other side of the national park where you find the – very popular and well visited – Njupeskär waterfall. This is literally the other side of Fulufjället!

In the calendar to the right you can search availability and book online!

We (8 friends) had some great, beautiful and challenging days (Thursday until Monday) with guide Bob. At times the snowshoeing through deep snow was pretty intense, but the experience and the views we got in return made it all more than worth! We made our own snow hole and slept in it (it was -13 degrees outside, but inside it was fine), hiked about 13 km on snowshoes, visited Swedens highest (frozen) waterfall. And slept the last night in a tipitent in beautiful environment on the snowy beach of a lake. We cooked our own meal on a fire and spent the evening along the campfire. It was a great experience!


We work with team development and use nature as a tool. Safety, great experiences and good service are the three most important parts of a successful activity. Development emerges from the balance between experiencing and then discussion and reflection. Bob fits as a guide well into this process and shares his experiences. He creates the safety needed and is able to chose the right environment, where our experiences can lead to development.
During our expeditions Bob took us cross-country skiing, mountain hiking and we a made a trip with canoes. We experience the most fantastic autumn days, white out during winter as well as total darkness. We slept with Bob in a tent, in a snowhole and under the stars. Bob is well prepared and creates the right circumstances for our groups.
Jonas Wikström

owner, Leading Lights

Safety First

The places we visit can be far away from basic (medical) needs. All our hikes are carefully planned with safety as our highest priority. But unfortunately can accidents, or disease never be fully ruled out. In the mountains and wilderness the distance to professional medical help can be very far. That’s why I’m educated Wilderness First Responder at the NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute, a thorough training which ables me to de deal medical emergencies in the wilderness, where waiting for help could mean days!

All guides working for Scandinavian Hiking need therefore the knowledge and experience to deliver first aid in remote areas.


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