Scandinavian Hiking

Hiking in Sweden and Norway

That is what we do and that is what we want to share with you.

On foot, ski’s, or shoes through the mountains and wilderness.

Sometimes challenging, but worth the adventure!

But what we aim most for is an unique and personal adventure in real wilderness!


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Why do we make unique hikes in Noway and Sweden?

Wat makes our hikes on foot or ski’s/snowshoes so special?

Find out more about the people and story behind Scandinavian Hiking.


Walking hikes in the mountains (fjällen)

5 days mountain hiking at the border between Norway and Sweden

5 days hiking with our Tipitent in the mountains around lake Grövelsjön. Price from 3950:- SEK per persoon 4 – 8 personen > more informatiom iconiconicon

3 days hiking in Fulufjället national park , Sweden

3 days hiking to mountains cabins on Fulufjället. Price from 2395:- SEK per person 4 – 8 persons > more information iconicon

“fjäll” hike








winter camping

winter hiking

cross-country skiing






hikes on ski's or snowshoes in the mountains (fjällen) and wilderness (vildmark)

3 days winteradventure Fulufjället

3 days winteradventure in the cold, snowy wilderness of Fulufjället national park. Dig your own snowhole and stay over the night in the snow! Price from SEK 2895:- per person 4 – 8 persons > more information level:iconiconicon

6 days winterexpedition on the borer between Norway and Sweden

6 days winterexpedition with pulk (sledge) on ski’s or snowshoes in the mountains between Norway and Sweden. Price from 7650:- SEK per person 3 – 6 persons > more information iconiconiconiconicon

3 days wintercamping in the heart of Sweden.

3 days wintercamping in the cold and snowy wilderness of Sweden. Price from 2395:- SEK per person 4 – 8 persons > meer informatie level:iconiconicon

Are you looking for an unique accommodation for an overnight stay in Fulufjället national park?

Scandinavian Hiking rents out a cabin inside the national park. The log cabin – named Björnholmssätern – can only be reached on foot –  or skies/snowshoes wintertime via the  ‘Södra Kungsleden’ (Southern King’s Trail). There’s no running water, nor electricity. The toilet is outside.

Unique location

The cabin is at an unique location. within the boundaries of the national park an in the absolute wilderness. Here you can enjoy the ultimate peace, silence and beauty of the taiga primeval forest. The river that runs along the cabin and read a book by the wood stove.

We (8 friends) had some beautiful and challenging days with  Bob (Thursday until Monday). Sometimes the snowshoeing in deep snow was pretty rough for our feet. But the views we received in reward were priceless! We built a snow hole and slept in it (about -13, but inside you don’t notice), hiked about 13 km (o snow and ice), visited Sweden highest – frozen –  waterfall. And camped our last night in a beautiful surrounding, Making our own food on open fire and spending the night by the camp fire. And then sleep in the big teepee tent. Great experience!

Team development

We are working with team development and use nature and experiences as our tools Safety, good experiences and excellent service are the main components for our products. Where development is achieved by alternating between the experiences and reflection. Bob fits weel into this process as a guide and shares his own experience. He creates the safety we need and pick the right area and nature environment, so that our experiences lead to development.

Excellent preparation

During our trips with we have been skiing and hiking in the mountains and paddled on  a river by canoe. We have experienced great autumn days, a blizard and total blackout. We have lived with Bob in a tent, snow hole and in the open air under the stars. Bob is well prepared and creates the necessary circumstances for our groups.
Jonas Wikström

owner, Leading Lights

Safety First

The places we visit can be very remote and far away from perhaps needed (medical) help. Safety comes first for our hikes. But an accident, or illness can happen. In the mountains and wilderness can the time for professional help to arrive can be extremely long. That is why we are trained to Wilderness First Responder at the NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute, a thorough training that provides skills and knowledge to deal with medical  calamities. When waiting for professionals could take days!

All guides working for Scandinavian Hiking are therefore trained to supply first aid in a wilderness setting.

Our partners

Together with our partner Surviking, surival en hiking we aim to create challenging, yet accessible hikes and expeditions.

And we are very proud on the beautiful pictures and drone-images made by Surviking Outdoor Fotografie & Visuals on our website.

Learn more at

Scandinavian Hiking is working in Fulufjället and certified partner of Fulufjället National Park
For green and educational travel in Dalarna, Sweden.

Check out our corporation in the moutains of Fulufjället at

Our partner Arctic Adventure organises fully catered expeditions for all levels. From beginner to expert. We are guiding some of their expeditions and help develop some new.

Visit for more information.

Kontakt Bob van Ettinger +46705649835
Office Sågen 19 (Station Sågen) SE-780 50 Vansbro Sweden
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