3 days Fulufjället

3 days of walking in  in Fulufjället National Park, Sweden

During this adventure we walk in 3 days over the desolate high plateau that form this large national park.

During the trip we are able to adjust the pace and distances to the individual demands of our participants. Mostly we follow trails which saves energy to enjoy the landscape and our companion with each other.

This hike is also suitable for families with children from about 10 years.

We will be sleeping in basic mountaincabins, these can often not be booked in advance. So there’s always a change to meat other hikers. And is the cabin full we need to adjust, but all will fit in. The cabins are basic without running water or electricity. But for sure a wood stove to rest your feet and to prepare the well deserved evening meal.

Dates, price, number of participants:

This hike can be booked during the months June until October. Dates are flexible.

The price of this hike is from  SEK2395:- per person

The minimum number of participants is 4 and maximum 12.

For possibilities to less, or more participants please contact Scandinavian Hiking.

This 3-day adventure is priced from SEK 2395:-

Included in the price:

  • all meals day 1 to 3, excluded breakfast day 1 and dinner day 3
  • overnight stay om mountain cabins
  • sleeping bag
  • professional guide during the entire trip

NOT included in the price:

  • journey to Sweden / Fulufjället
  • breakfast day 1and dinner day 3

Price from 4 participants: SEK 3595:-

Price from 6 participants: SEK 2995:-

Price from 8 participants: SEK 2395:-

Walk/hike of 3 days on the deolate, wild high plateau that form the national park Fulufjället.
We adjust the pace and distances to the demands of the participants. This makes this hike especially suitable for you if you’re not used to this kind of walking holidays. It is a great step into these kind of adventures – perhaps on your own.

Also for families with children it is an opportunity to leave the common trails.

We will sleep in mountain cabins, so comfortable compared to camping, but the cabins are basic.

Fulufjället is an unique travel destination. Dit large national park in Sweden, bordering Norway is a huge highland plateau that rises from the surrounding landscape. It is the furthest away from the sea anywhere in Scandinavia and houses an unique continental climate, but weather conditions can be ferocious! The valley Göljådalen is an example. where in 1997 an enormous thunderstorm caused a rain catastrophe which tracks are still visible.

Also it is in Fulufjället NP not allowed for the Sami people to herd their reindeer, which makes the growth of lichens and mosses unique in the Swedish mountain landscape.

This hike is suitable for everyone with a normal health and that can freely move in rough terrain.

The hike is adjustable to the demands and capacities of the participants. Plese contact Scandinavian Hiking if you have further questions.

Walking in the fjällen (mountains) even on trails can be challenging, especially if it’s your first time.

Also the fact that you will not meet running water, or electricity can be challenging. Some adjustment to the situation and stamina will be needed.

Every participant is asked to help with cooking and doing dishes.

The entire hike is guided by an experienced Swedish Mountain Leader.

This guarantees a safe an interesting experience. With knowledge about nature, climate and guiding groups the guide offers you an adventure with no unnecessary risks or accidents.

When needed the guide offers instruction in clothing and protection agains the elements. As well as extensive instruction in navigation with map and compass.

But accidents can never be excluded. A well trained leader can be a life saver.

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