Overnight cabin stay in Fulufjället National Park, Sweden


Are you looking for an unique accommodation for an overnight stay in Fulufjället national park?

Scandinavian Hiking rents out a cabin inside the national park. The log cabin – named Björnholmssätern – can only be reached on foot –  or skies/snowshoes wintertime via the  ‘Södra Kungsleden’ (Southern King’s Trail). There’s no running water, nor electricity. The toilet is outside.

Unique location

The cabin is at an unique location. within the boundaries of the national park an in the absolute wilderness. Here you can enjoy the ultimate peace, silence and beauty of the taiga primeval forest. The river that runs along the cabin and read a book by the wood stove.

Exploring the National Park

From the cabin you can explore the most tranquil and desolate part of the national park. On foot it’s two days walking to the other side of the park. Where you can visit the – very well visited – Njupeskär waterfall. This is literally the other side of Fulufjället!

Online booking accommodation Fulufjället national park

The cabin can be booked online with help of the calendar.

Accommodation Njupeskär

Are you looking for accommodation close to the Njupeskär waterfall? We then recommend the  Fulufjället national park camp.

For more information you can check their website: www.rosjostugorna.se

Other accommodation on the mountain

At www.nationalparksofsweden.com you find even more accommodations in Fulufjället nationaal park.

We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay at Björnholmssätern! The cabin was very cosy, clean and well equipped en the location is fantastic! We were there for 24 hours and have roamed through the woods, lit the wood stove, played cards and the children played in the river. We are more than satisfied! I found the pricing for a night reasonable.

My husband and I like multiple day walking trips and the cabin could be an ideal place along the trail. Now we just had a relaxing adventure with the kids 🙂

Good luck with the Björnholmssätern! We will recommend the cabin and would like to come back ourselves.


The location of the cabin is fantastic and it is well equipped! A new map and guestbook were the only thing we lacked. A top rating for everything! (PS the water in the river appeared to be of good quality!)


This cabin is a true treasure 🙂 Thanks for the hospitality!!


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