Hiking in Fulufjället National park, Sweden


The unique nature and surroundings offers great hiking. And the national park is easy to enter for almost everyone. For families with children, or the more experience mountain hiker.

“Into the wild” with Green Owl Travel

In corporation with Green Owl Travel we have created an adventurous weekend with a large dose mountain wilderness, combined with good Swedish food and relaxing int our cabin Björnholmssätern. For more informatie and booking please check www.greenowltravel.com

3 days hiking in national park Fulufjället






3 days hiking to mountain cabins at  Fulufjället. Prices from 2395:- SEK per person 4 – 8 persons. Level: iconicon




3-day winter adventure in Fulufjället



3 days winter adventure in the cold, arctic wilderness of national park Fulufjället. Build your own snowhole to sleep over in the snow! Prices from SEK 2895:- per person 4 – 8 persons. Level:iconiconicon


Rental wilderness cabin in Fulufjället National Park, Sweden

Scandinavian Hiking rents out a wilderness cabin in Fulufjället national park, called Björnholmssätern. The cabin can only reached on foot – or wintertime on skies or snowshoes and you find it along the ‘Southern King’s Trail’. There’s no running water, nor electricity. And the toilet is outside.

From the cabin you can reach the most quiet and desolate parts of the national park. On foot it is about two days to the other side of the park where the very popular and well visited Njupeskär waterfall is located. This is literally the other side of Fulufjället!

Official partner Fulufjället National Park

Commercial activities in the national park are restricted by the parks management. There are rules to protect the vulnerable nature.

However Fulufjället is a National Park of Sweden for a reason, Sweden is proud to share this uniqie nature and experience with the world. That’s why the park management works with certification of commercial guides in the park..

Therefore Scandinavian Hiking is official partner, because we want to meet the standards for the quality and sustainability for the products we offer.

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