Why does make Scandinavian Hiking these trips for you?

Scandinavian Hiking makes unique and personal trips. But why?

We believe there are lots of people dreaming about real nature and adventure in Scandinavia, but they don’t get any further than marked trails around some sight seeing venue. We want to take you further, literally and figuratively!

We also believe that many are looking for authentic travel and personal attention. Instead of mass production and exploitation of nature and surroundings. That why we produce small scaled products with focus on unique and personal opportunities that brings man and nature together.

And we ourselves are from a country that lacks mountains and has close to none wild nature. We have personally experienced the powerful experience of visiting these environments. And we love to share this with you!

That’s why we make our trips for you.


Our mission – an unique and personal adventure

Personal & Adventurous

Scandinavian Hiking takes you hiking in Scandinavia and brings you through the mountains and wilderness. Adventurous for sure, but most of all our products are personal. We are proud on the small scale of our products. That makes it possible to suit you!

Unique & Renewing

We constantly strive after new and exciting experiences. And lasting memories for our guests to the places we visit and achievement we accomplish. We do that by often literally leaving the trails and bring you to places you never thought would experience.

Professional & Sustainable

Scandinavian Hiking wants to work professionally when guiding our guests through wilderness. We emphasize physical and psychological safety for the individual guest as well as the group. But also sustainability is at the core of our work. As we together take care of the environment we enjoy. And make sure to sustain it for coming generations.





guide / owner

Being owner and guide of Scandinavian Hiking I spend quite some days in the Scandinavian mountains and wilderness. I’m trained in Sweden to the standards for “Fjäll- & Vildmarksledare” (mountain- and wildernessleader. Which means that I can lead a group of guests through the mountains, any season in Scandinavia. As a Dutchman in Sweden I keep being astonished by the beauty, space and peace of nature. As well as the some EXTREME WEATHER you can meet. But the unique experience and the physical challenges that can wait are more than worth it! I would love to take you along and experience for yourself!
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